KayAari Mortgages’ focus is to ensure customers are provided with Fee-Free advice with exceptional customer service.

Many brokers may charge a fee for their advice and look at cost comparisons of mortgages in different ways.

Here at KayAari Mortgages it is important to us that we ensure the best outcomes for our customers, providing them with the appropriate protection advice to ensure  they have a backup plan. Our service and products are provided in the most cost-effective way, without a service fee.


In 2015, Prakash began providing mortgage and protection advice at LandC as a broker gaining rapid knowledge after facing a variety of customer situations. In 2017, he joined the UK’s first online mortgage broker, where he got involved with advising mortgages, training and managing a team of Mortgage and Protection advisers, helping set up the Protection department from scratch and playing an important role in onboarding and managing a team of advisers in the launch of their Cardiff office. These are a few areas Prakash got involved in during his 6.5 years with them.

Having helped hundreds of clients secure mortgages for their homes and protecting many lives, Prakash is now drawing on that experience to build his own business in helping others secure a mortgage in an open and transparent way. Due to Prakash’s own life experiences, he is extremely passionate about ensuring his clients have the correct level of financial security, should the worst happen.

Prakash has twins and as his business is centered around their future, this is where the business name originated from. Aside from work, Prakash loves spending time with his family, travelling around the world and seeing that big smile on his children’s faces.